Cinema Palettes to inspire

Cinema Palettes to Inspire Twitter account Cinema Palettes takes screenshots from classic films and translates them to ten-part color palettes. Though based on a momentary still, each spectrum of shades seems to encapsulate its movie's overall mood: the somber, otherworldly blues of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the dreamlike pinks and purples of [...]

Vector vs Raster

EXPLAINED: There are two basic types of electronic image files: vector and raster (pixel-based) Vector… is scalable and resolution independent, allowing the user to increase and decrease the size to any degree and while remaining crisp and sharp, both on-screen and in print. Vector art consist of lines, curves and shapes with editable attributes such as [...]

Helvetica cookie cutters

We love these... and they aren't just for Christmas.