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Get Social in 2018

      SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS OPTIMIZED IMAGE SIZES 2018   Get Your Social Media Platforms Optimized With The Right Image Sizes And Stand Out From The Crowd. From Twitter And Pinterest To Instagram And Facebook Image Sizes, We Have The Complete Guide Right Here In One Clear Infographic! We Have Even Added Two [...]

Cinema Palettes to inspire

Cinema Palettes to Inspire Twitter account Cinema Palettes takes screenshots from classic films and translates them to ten-part color palettes. Though based on a momentary still, each spectrum of shades seems to encapsulate its movie's overall mood: the somber, otherworldly blues of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the dreamlike pinks and purples of [...]

WordPress Pricing Debunked (by codable)

WordPress Pricing Debunked (by codable) Very on point... the question of how much is usually best to answer with another question.. how many pages and what is the scope of the work - but this is a great example of what things should cost and how best to approach the subject when looking at the overall budget. [...]

The #Ultimate #Guide to #Hashtags

  This march we are getting social, starting with a #hashtag we will be blogging about all things to do with #socialmediabuzz. Use it as a reference, a guide or a loose road map on best practices.... SO WHAT IS A #hashtag ?  We have all seen them and probably most of us have used them, [...]